Please make all payments payable to: Villas at Nautica Condominium Association. Do not forget to include your account number and your coupon.

Mail payments to:                                             
MMI Payment Processing Center

14275 SW 142 Avenue. Miami
FL, 33186


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The Association is curently working on the following:

  • Gutter repairs / roof scheduled to be clean soon / door replacement, knobs & color.
  • Fill areas where soil has been eroded.New grass will be installed / landscaping continued.






  • Vehicle decals must be affixed to the left side of the driver’s side (left hand side corner). 
  • Please be advised that violation inspections are performed on a weekly basis. Once again, the Board of Directors is requesting that homeowners address violations that exist on their individual lots promptly and  accordingly without any further letters from the management company.
  • Condominium insurance certificate? Please call NIA Group at (305) 823-2777.
  • Please review documents for additional rules & regulations. Your prompt attention and cooperation are greatly appreciated and benefit the entire community as a whole.



TOT LOT:    

  • Only children ages 10 and younger are allowed to use tot lot.    
  • Children should NEVER be left unsupervised.
  • Supervision must be by an adult over 18 years of age.


  • Hours are from dawn to dusk and facilities are used at your own risk 
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age.
  • No glass containers or similar are allowed in pool area.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.

Villas at Nautica is a pleasing condo community located in Miramar, Florida. 

A picture perfect community that is within access Interstate 75, Villas at Nautica is an active community that has easy access to all amenities of Broward County and a perfect place for you and your family.

We have created the Villas at Nautica website to provide added convenience and a wealth of online services for members and guests a like. Get news and announcements; access an online resource center for important association documents and forms; and much more.

We're excited about offering online association services and consider the service a valuable amenity for the community.

We hope you'll take advantage of this new service.



Dear Residents,

As back to school is approaching, we would like to remind all that children live and play in our community. We must be extra careful when driving in our community and obey all traffic signs and speed limits. A traffic infraction will incur a fine. This fine will be charged to your account.

Throughout the past months we have been replacing trees, bushes, hedges in order to not only keep our property looking good but also increasing curb appeal and therefore, property values.

Out maintenance program is in full swing. We are pressure washing the walls, caulking the windows and re-applying fresh paint to wherever is needed. This ongoing maintenance is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of the surface and avoiding water intrusions.

Pool furniture has been added to the increase use of our pool facilities.

The clubhouse will be remodeled in order to be able for rent the space for our special occasions on a first come, first served basis.
We are also planning on opening a small gym for resident’s use. 

Last, but not least, I welcome, and would like you to know that we have a new security supervisor. His name is Patrick Carthery. He comes to us with great deal of experience in the security field, just as the rest of staff.


Dogs/cats are required to be on a leash at all times within common areas.

Established guidelines from the Broward County as well as
the Association indicate you must pick up after your pet.

Violations will receive a fine.

Please do not feed the ducks.


The following are basic rules and regulations in regards to vehicles:

  1. No more than two (2) vehicles allowed per unit.
  2. Commercial vehicles (moving vans, vendors, service trucks, etc.) are allowed into the community Monday-Sunday from 10AM-5PM. No overnight parking of commercial vehicles.   
  3. Guests are allowed to park in visitors parking spots or resident’s assigned space (if available).   
  4. Temporary passes are available at the office for rental cars or temporary guests.  
  5. Do not park at an unauthorized parking space. 
  6. Violators are subject to fines or towing of vehicle at their own expense.


  1. GARBAGE: Any garbage bag or miscellaneous items in front of your door or yard, is a violation and the Association will impose a $100 fine will be charged to owner’s account.
  2. COMPACTOR: Dispose of the garbage INSIDE the compactor. Fines will be assessed for leaving garbage outside compactor.
  3. BULK ITEMS: No bulk items are allowed to be left outside your door or trash compactor. Violators will be fined.
  4. PATIOS: Patios should be kept clean, furniture in good condition, free of weeds and trash, and should not be used for storage.
  5. ARCHITECTURAL: Any changes to the exterior of your home, needs to be approved by the Association before the changes are done. Please fill out an Architectural Application in the Property Management Office at the Clubhouse.
  6. ENTRANCES: Statues, plant pots or any other miscellaneous items are not allowed to be placed in front of the unit.
  7. HOSE: Do not attach/install hose structure to building. Repairs to building will be under owner’s expense. Hose must be properly stored.

make sure you are not in any of the above violations or you can be fine up to $1,000.